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There are many diverse applications of the Irrigro tube, many having nothing to do with Irrigation. For example, the same tube, with air pumped through it instead of water, we call Oxyflo, and is used in Commercial Fish Farms for aerating the water. Here's an example:

See how the revolutionary OxyFlo micro-porous pond aeration tube works!
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To find out more, visit our Contact Page. We'd love to hear from you.

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We also have a much larger-diameter version of our Irrigro tube (6" in diamter and sometimes larger) that is used in stage-1 filtration of waste water at water sanitation plants. We call that version of our product FilterFlo.

Using similar diameters of tube as the FilterFlo product, we have two other applications, called TreeGro and Vinegro. The TreeGro product is a breathable, semi-permeable membrane that lets sunlight through while keeping harmful insects and other wildlife out, allowing the trees to grow more rapidly and also to be protected from frost damage.

The VineGro product has been used in vineyards that have vines that stand and also need the same sort of protection that young trees do, along with all the other benefits that go along with it having a breathable protective shielding.

If you are interested in learning more, click here to contact us at our world headquarters in the Great White North of Ontario Canada.

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